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Since 2001, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes, from SMB’s to large enterprises eliminate the risk of penalty and seizure while recovering millions in lost revenue.

Global MLX can deliver the comprehensive the training, education, procedures, and tools your company needs in order to exceed compliance standards while staying up-to-date with the demands of ever-evolving trade regulations.


Want to do it yourself?

This path includes everything you need to achieve compliance at your own pace.  You will learn how to facilitate training for your team, how to properly assess your organization and supply chain.  You will learn how to implement vital systems and processes, as well as how to complete and submit the correct forms when applying for certifications.


Want us to do it with you?

Looking for even more help?  This path includes everything in the do-it-yourself path and also allows your organization access to our online interactive courses.  These courses will provide you with a hands-on, guided experience in learning supply-chain awareness and becoming certified.  Limited one-on-one coaching is included as well.


Want us to do it for you?

Let us handle all of the assessments, employee training, and paperwork.  We will travel on location to conduct the assessment and analysis of your organization’s supply chain.  Then through a series of workshops, we will address implementation for all of your departments. Access to our resources and online courses included.

We have training available for every department. Take a look  below at some of our materials for each department.

Human Resources

Your corporate supply chain team is the engine that propels your products around the world and your supply chain system is what holds that supply chain in place. Protecting your company begins with developing solid systems and structures all personnel can embrace.

Developing supply chain systems is a daunting task but, there is a way to make this process easier and Global MLX can show you how.

How to Comply – Human Resources Supply Chain Awareness is a revolutionary guide book that will help owners, CEO’s and senior managers to create a supply chain security system that will keep their company safe and their clients secure. This book is filled with easy to follow processes, procedures, policies and forms that can be used in putting strong systems in place and drive progress forward while ensuring your ready to go through certifications, audits, inspections and/or validations when the time comes.



One of the biggest weaknesses in supply chain security is in Operations, which is why it needs the most protection. For a company to have an effective long-term security program, it is essential to have the director of Operations have a hands-on approach in developing systems for supply chain accreditation and compliance.

Operations managers are responsible for synchronizing many moving parts, that together meet the needs of their clients and build cooperative relationships with their business partners. Relationships that strengthen and improve the overall domestic and international supply chain.

How to Comply Operations is a hands-on guide that provides managers with processes, procedures, forms and exercises they can quickly implement on the job. This book is an essential source of information for busy operations managers that are looking for solutions to improve internal and external processes that will continue to keep their business safe and running smoothly. Quick fast and efficient ideas that you’ll be glad you have your hands on.


Safeguarding your company against threats is a complex job for Purchasing Managers. These managers are challenged with outsourcing of services and building strong relationships with their outside vendor for sales and services. When something goes wrong with their partners/ stakeholders it can have a direct negative impact on the company’s bottom line.


Setting up regulated procedures and safety technology will equip your company to face risk and improve the efficiency of your department thereby, keeping your reputation intact if your partners find themselves facing their own internal regulation issues.

Global MLX’s How to Comply Purchasing Training will provide you with behind the curtain view of supply chain processes to life the company to the cutting edge, while still maintaining quality, cost and convenience. You will be provided tangible procedures, forms and assessments that will help to mitigate risks, while ensuring the safety and security of the company’s personnel. Following a 5-step system, complete with red flag indicators can save your company thousands of dollars of lost revenue from potential terrorism and theft. A must have book for all supply chain Purchasing Managers.


Information Technology

Some of the leading companies in the world are in trouble but, some are thriving. The main difference is how they view their supply chain. Are they cutting costs in their supply chain or using it as a hidden tool for outperforming the competition?

Leading companies are investing an increasing proportion of Information Technology (I.T) budgets and resources on initiatives described as IT transformation. With these investments come several challenges around security, data management, and new customer interaction channels.

How to Comply: Information Technology Training will support you through the preparation of a multi-layered defense system and structure, by providing you with the tools and techniques to help you master I.T. integration in the company. This book is packed with proven procedures, forms and processes to support your supply chain team in setting up your I.T. systems in the most efficient manner, while also providing the information you need to adhere to international Customs-Trade programs and requirements.


Corporations today need to watch their shipping departments closely. They are one area within an organization that is at a higher risk for smuggling of illegal narcotics, arms and contraband. This risk is more prevalent with shipping personnel, as well as the logistics and the movement of cargo from raw material to its final destination.

These areas are more at risk due to increased exposure to external third parties such as suppliers, drivers, transportation and even manufacturers.

The How to Comply Shipping Training guide will provide you with tangible threat awareness skills you will be able to implement immediately. Broaden your internal processes, reduce risks, set up systems all employees can easily follow, take your conveyance inspections and seal controls the next level and get personnel involved by using the tools, procedures, forms and exercises in this guide to make it all happen.

Global MLX has gone all out to help you build solid systems for shipping that will be included in your companies overall layered defense system. A tool All Shipping Managers need to have.


Keeping your company safe and your employees protected is essential in today’s market and with terrorism on the rise this job is not always easy. The Receiving Department is one area within an organization that is a major challenge for corporations.

Learn how to develop the right security programs while maintaining corporate compliance standards in Global MLX’s book How to Comply Receiving Training. If you’re a leader in the Receiving Department understanding how to meet compliance within domestic and international supply chains is a skill you will want to master.

This book includes current procedures and threat awareness training that will enhance your ability to identify vulnerabilities and close the “risk gap.” We will show you how to implement the right procedures, identify the forms you need, and complete them with accurate, up-to-date information, while developing security measures that exceed international security criteria. The policies, procedures, forms and inspection information has been used by our clients for years with unprecedented success, you’ll want to get your hands on these.

Project Management

Supply chain managers face increasing challenges building a layered defense system that has effective supply chain methods and runs efficiently. Companies systems must be flexible, while solid and secure, to endure continuous rapid market shifts. All areas of the supply chain can impact an organizations ability to compete which requires a skilled professional to support and manage these complex chains.

Global MLX’s How To Comply Project Management Training provides the tools to develop a project charter, work breakdown schedule, communication plan and risk management plan, that is synchronized with all departments. Secure your company against organized crime, help detect and prevent contraband smuggling, and terrorism, while increasing awareness of cross-border compliance issues. You will learn the essentials of integrating the supply chain security system into already developed complex systems within the company, while customizing security plans based on departmental budgets, financial restraints and resources.

Supply chains are already complex systems and by making a small change in one part of the system, it can have a major effect somewhere else in the system. Following a detailed plan of action will help supply chain managers in bringing their executive supply chain team together to secure the safety of their company and the people who work for them. Plan your supply chain system with your executive team using our 5-step system, you’ll be glad you did.

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